Project Nieuwegein

Green hydrogen from Nieuwegein! Hysolar is at work in Nieuwegein aiming to produce and supply green hydrogen! A 2 MW electrolyser and a hydrogen filling station will be built in 2023 to achieve this. The filling station will supply green hydrogen at a pressure of 350 bar for lorries and buses and at 700 bar for cars.

Hydrogen production is following demand and will increase to 250 tons per year within a few years. This is sufficient to power 750 cars or 25 buses for a day. Contractor Jos Scholman is one of the first major buyers of green hydrogen.

Green hydrogen from Nieuwegein.

A part of the solar field as seen from KWR’s rooftop

The electricity required for hydrogen production comes partially from the adjacent 9 MWp solar panel field (this generates power which is equivalent to that need to power 3,000 homes). It is important that the electrolyser has sufficient use to ensure an attractive hydrogen price. If there is no energy from the sun green electricity will be purchased from the public grid. Wind turbines may be built in the future to produce more green hydrogen from locally generated energy.

Reusable heat is also released on this scale during the production of hydrogen. Over the past four years a consortium (Allied Waters, KWR and TU Delft) has developed the Solar Power-to-X concept to store this heat in the soil and use it at a later time to ensure no waste.  The heat can be supplied to companies and homes in the Rijnhuizen district located further away.

Hysolar is implementing a leading project for the Netherlands and beyond by integrating green hydrogen production, hydrogen storage, hydrogen filling station and the possibility of using residual heat.

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