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Hysolar provides green hydrogen consultancy. We focus on the production and supply of green hydrogen. Would you like to know what we can do for you? Then keep on reading.

Green hydrogen consultancy

The team behind Hysolar has gained substantial experience in the field of hydrogen in recent years. The Nieuwegein project focuses principally on sustainable transport however hydrogen also can be used more widely within a number of concepts. Hysolar is supporting the development of the project by implementing and making the following issues operational:

Concept of green hydrogen

  • How does hydrogen contribute to integrating more sustainable electricity generation into power grids with congestion problems?
  • Hydrogen in the natural gas network; what are the possibilities?
  • Over 80% system efficiency by using residual heat in hydrogen production, how does this work?
  • How can hydrogen help achieve our sustainability ambitions?
  • What role can hydrogen play within Regional Energy Strategies?
  • How much can CO2 and NOx emissions be reduced by through switching to hydrogen?
  • What can a water board do with biogas and hydrogen?


  • How much sustainable electricity needs to be generated to be able to sell hydrogen in a filling station?
  • What possibilities exist for the use of hydrogen in combustion engines?
  • Sailing on hydrogen, how does it work?
  • Hydrogen for ‘the last mile’ within urban distribution also an option?

Business Case

  • How do I find enough customers for my hydrogen production?
  • How do I create extra value for hydrogen within different application areas?
  • What subsidies are available to be able to make producing green hydrogen possible?

Realisation and Development

  • How do I get from idea to realisation?
  • Which permits are required to establish a production, storage and refuelling location?
  • How do I get stakeholders on board?
  • Which component supplier should I choose?
  • Production and supply of hydrogen are outside our core tasks, who can organise these for us?

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