Jos Scholman makes vehicles more sustainable with green hydrogen

27 March 2020

Jos Scholman on hydrogen. As a contracting company in the civil engineering sector, Jos Scholman sees that there’s a major role to be played by hydrogen-powered vehicles. That’s why it’s building a new hydrogen filling station with Hysolar in Nieuwegein. Are you curious about everything that’s about to happen? Then keep on reading.

Greater demand for sustainability

At Jos Scholman it’s clear that clients are giving more and more weight to sustainability when awarding contracts. The requirements concerning nitrogen emissions have also been tightened considerably. To preserve its strong market position Jos Scholman has therefore decided to maximise the number of its hydrogen-powered vehicles. At the end of 2019 the company ordered 11 hydrogen-powered Hyundai Nexo cars, which were delivered in mid-March.

For the time being the vehicles are being filled up mainly at the temporary filling station on the neighbouring KWR site. But work is underway to make it possible to fill up the cars with hydrogen on the company’s own site by mid 2020. This involves building a hydrogen filling station combined with an electrolyser for the production of green hydrogen. Jos Scholman is now awaiting the definitive authorisation. Once this happens, Nieuwegein will be on the map as one of the most progressive and sustainable municipalities in the region!

Hyundai Nexo's

Hyundai Nexo’s

Jos Scholman switches to hydrogen

Besides the acquisition of the hydrogen cars, Jos Scholman has also started on the first conversion of diesel-powered machines to hydrogen propulsion. The fuel-cells are still quite expensive and their supply is limited for heavier vehicles. But to make some major early progress, a hybrid solution is being tested on three New Holland tractors. The initial results are expected in July. So, keep your eye on the news reports.