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Hysolar/Greenpoint invests further in hydrogen chain

13 March 2022

Hysolar/Greenpoint’s hydrogen refuelling station in Nieuwegein has already been in place since 2021. That was the first step. In the meantime, Hysolar/Greenpoint is continuing to invest heavily in the development of a genuine hydrogen chain: from hydrogen production using an electrolyser to hydrogen trailers for the on-site delivery of green hydrogen.

Trailers for the transportation of hydrogen

Delivery on site

Greenpoint/Van Kessel – a co-initiator of Hysolar in Nieuwegein – has purchased five trailers for the transport of hydrogen. The trailers are equipped with 20ft containers with special Type 4 lightweight composite cylinders in which hydrogen is stored at a pressure of 300 bars. Each trailer can therefore transport 400 kg of hydrogen. The transportation of hydrogen will be needed in the future to supply Greenpoint’s hydrogen refuelling stations. The trailers will be used to supply hydrogen to refuelling stations from the Greenpoint Hysolar H2 station in Nieuwegein. Projects for new Greenpoint hydrogen stations in, among other places, Oude-Tonge, Ede and Dordrecht have now reached an advanced stage.

Joan van Kessel, Managing Director of Van Kessel/Greenpoint: “Our goal is to become a leading player in the Dutch hydrogen market with a strategic network of hydrogen refuelling stations and the production of green hydrogen. The investment in these hydrogen trailers is an important step towards the achievement of that goal. We can use them to supply locations where the local production of green hydrogen is not yet possible.”

Hysolar Greenpoint - Hydrogen filling station

ysolar / Greenpoint hydrogen refuelling station

Green hydrogen production in Nieuwegein

In the meantime, Hysolar is working hard on preparations to start the production of green hydrogen, including permit applications and the selection of suppliers. Once production begins, green hydrogen will also be available for locations elsewhere, for example for use in mobile machines (such as tractors, excavators or generators) and inland navigation. The production of green hydrogen is possible in part thanks to a contribution from the EU’s LIFE programme.

LIFE NEW HYTS has received funding from the LIFE-Climate Programme of the European Union

Would you like to know more about the use or production of green hydrogen?

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