Developing a green economy: Hysolar in the picture

9 December 2020

Hysolar is working in Nieuwegein on a unique project. In it, we are working on developing a green economy. The concept, which has been in progress for several years, provides solutions for various energy issues and is one of the elements underlying the development of a local hydrogen ecosystem with H2 production, tank infrastructure and customers.

Construction company Jos Scholman decided to commit to hydrogen quite some time ago. The first hydrogen-powered tractors were unveiled in October 2020. These steps have resulted in a nomination for Greenfluencer of 2020. To vote for the Greenfluencer of the year, click on Robert Scholman in the list below.

H-Flex as a basis for developing a green economy

At the same time, we are engaging in research to improve everything and making the system more efficient, for example in the H-Flex project, with KWR and contractor Jos Scholman. H-Flex was one of the projects that was spotlighted during the national working conference of the Energy Top Sector in late November. Watch our video, in Dutch, from the conference here.

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