Unveiling of the first hydrogen tractor!

2 October 2020

On Friday, 2 October, it was time for the unveiling of the first hydrogen tractor in Nieuwegein! For those of you who were unable to attend because of the COVID measures, the entire ceremony was recorded. Not only can you see the unveiling of the tractors, the nuts and bolts of green hydrogen are also explained. Watch the unveiling of the sustainable tractor on hydrogen here.

Sustainable tractor running on hydrogen

With the development of the innovative dual-fuel technology, it has become possible to use green hydrogen within a diesel engine. With this technology a substantial part of the diesel consumption is replaced by hydrogen. Construction company Jos Scholman will become the first user of these tractors running on hydrogen. This is a major step in making their business operations more sustainable. When using green hydrogen the dual fuel technology offers a significant reduction of greenhouse gasses. The technology also provides advantages regarding emissions of NOX and fine dust particles.

During the event, the dual fuel technology was only one of the topics. Green hydrogen as a solution to decarbonize our future energy system was evenly important. Watch the event, with speakers such as  prof. Ad van Wijk (TU Delft/KWR), Jan Ebbing (TNO), representatives Huib van Essen en Arne Schaddelee (Province of Utrecht) and Els de Wit (Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management), below. In Dutch only.