Hysolar- Nieuwegein project in the picture

19 November 2020

Developing the hydrogen region Utrecht. On Tuesday, 10 November, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management organised a Hotspot Café: a selection of the leading hydrogen initiatives in the Netherlands were presented during an online meeting. Hysolar – Nieuwegein was one of those hotspots.

The Ministry is currently working on the national implementation strategy for hydrogen in transport. In the video below, the people behind Hysolar explain, among other things, why they decided to work with hydrogen. They also describe the planned opening of a hydrogen station in Nieuwegein in April 2021 and talk about new developments in dual-fuel technology (using hydrogen in a diesel engine).

Developing of the hydrogen region Utrecht

In addition to the progress made in Nieuwegein, the Hotspot café devoted a lot of attention to the hydrogen covenant being prepared by ECUB (the Energy Collective of Utrecht Business) and the H2U foundation at the initiative of the Utrecht provincial authority. In this way, government authorities and business sector are working together on the further upscaling of hydrogen in transport. Hysolar will certainly support the covenant.

Would you like to know more about the significance of the hydrogen covenant for the Utrecht region and how you can get involved as a business or government authority? Please contact ECUB or Hysolar using the contact page. Keep updated on our latest news by checking our news page.